Careers in Business Aviation

Companies rely on business aviation because they need fast, flexible, safe, secure and cost-effective transportation, many times to small towns not serviced by the airlines.  Business aviation allows people to continue working while they fly, make several stops in one day, and still make it home to their family every night, saving money on hotel rooms, rental cars, meals and other expenses that would be needed to make the same trip over several days by car or the airlines.  The earning potential in the field of corporate aviation is determined by your level of education, skill, and dedication to your profession, with salaries starting at $40,000 and reaching as high as $200,000 per year.  There are many fantastic careers to choose from in business aviation, including:

Corporate Pilot
A corporate pilot is first and foremost the person in command of the aircraft, responsible for the safety of the passengers and crew.  The pilot ensures that the aircraft is operated under all government regulations, and can serve in a number of roles, including aviation department manager.  In addition to a college education, pilots undergo a rigorous flight training schedule and on-the-job training throughout their career.

Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Aircraft maintenance technicians (AMTs) make sure their airplanes are always in top operating condition, inspecting and repairing them when necessary.  They typically go to school for 2 years to earn their FAA Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) licenses, and can also earn a 2-year or 4-year college degree.
Aircraft & Crew Scheduler/Dispatcher
Schedulers and dispatchers assist corporate travelers in planning their schedules and destinations.  The successful dspatcher/scheduler will attend a 6-week course to earn an FAA licensed dispatcher rating.

Aviation Insurance Agent, Underwriter & Claims Adjuster
Insurance agents provide coverage recommendations to their clients, underwriters decide which risks to insure, and adjusters inspect accidents to determine the extent of damages and approve claim payments.  Each position typically requires a 4-year college degree along with a private pilot's license and/or A&P license.

Aircraft Salesperson
An aircraft salesperson assists customers in buying and selling their aircraft.  They are adept at building relationships and solving problems.  A 4-year college degree and pilot's license are desired.

Aeronautical Engineer
Aeronautical engineers work for manufacturers of aircraft, and are involved in the design and construction of new aircraft models, from the early concept stage, through testing and production.  A 4-year degree is a must.

Aviation Attorney
The aviation attorney has a specialized knowledge of aviation law, to assist with clients with special legal requirements related to their aircraft operations.  A law degree is a must.
Aviation Finance Specialist
Aviation finance specialists are bankers that assist clients when they want to borrow money to purchase an aircraft.  They typically have a 4-year college degree, and a thorough understanding of the aviation industry.
Aviation Safety & Security Specialist
Aviation safety and security specialists are hired to share their expertise and knowledge on a variety of topics, including flight safety, maintenance practices, and security.  These specialitsts rely on their ability to combine formal training and education with years of experience and knowledge to help others.
Flight Attendant
The corporate flight attendant is responsible not only for maintaining passenger comfort while on board the aircraft, they are also responsible for passenger safety and well-being.  Technical school training is required, and a 2-year asssociate's degree is extremely valuable to a flight attendant.