GBAA Members

It is the GBAA's goal to serve its members and make your membership very valuable. To give you a sense of what is in the works, please take a look at what each committee is currently addressing (updated 8/14/2014):

Events Committee
Members: Jeff Agur (Chair), Chris Algee, Charlie Booker, Gerry Ferriss, Mike Ott, Kevin Rodgers, Dave Small, Pat Trudell, Eddie Wolfe - Planning events for 2015.

Golf Committee
Members: Dave Small (Chair), Jeff Agur, Chris Algee, Chris Canon, Gerry Ferriss, Jim Kazin, Mike Ott, Kris Parsons, Kevin Rodgers, Pat Trudell, Eddie Wolfe 
- Planning the 2015 Annual Golf Tournament.

Government & Regulatory Affairs Committee
Members: Jim Kazin (Chair), Chris Algee, Dan Lucey, Mike Ott, Dave Small
Membership Committee
Members: Chris Canon (Chair), Jeff Agur, Charlie Booker, Chris Canon, Jim Kazin
- Recruiting new GBAA members.

Nominating Committee
Members: Gerry Ferriss(Chair), Jim Kazin, Dan Lucey, Dave Small
Scholarship Committee
Members: Kris Parsons (Chair), Chris Algee, Charlie Booker, Chris Canon, Gerry Ferriss, Jim Kazin, David Small, Pat Trudell, Eddie Wolfe
2015 Scholarship Application Window is Now Open

Community Outreach Committee 
Members: Chris Algee (Chair), Charlie Booker, Gerry Ferriss, Mike Ott, Pat Trudell

Other Projects

-A selected group of members representing based tenants at several satellite airports within the Atlanta Class B Airspace have been involved with the Design & Implementation group working on the Optimization of Airspace and Procedures in the Atlanta Metroplex with Atlanta A-80.  As you may know, the OAPM initiative seeks to address traffic flow through PBN (Performance Based Navigation), procedures and route optimization that will enable predictable, repeatable flight paths, improved situational awareness, reduce ATC task complexity and increase efficiency.  

The group followed the major topics outlined below:

 1.   Collaboratively identify and characterize existing issues for all users
 2.   Propose conceptual PBN procedures which increase efficiency and address issues
 3.  Identification of considerations, risks and benefits associated with proposed changes
 4.  Quantify the potential annual benefits by comparing distance, flight time, fuel burn and emissions between current flow and proposed procedures.
Contact for more on the OAPM briefing.

You can track the progress of each of the committees and projects by attending any Board meeting or by contacting to view the Monthly Board Meeting Minutes.